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For the past 25 years môme has been working as a painter, with his main theme being a series he calls “Homo Ornamentus”.
Recently he has enjoyed a renewed interest in his designs.
This is the first time môme’s paintings will be exhibited in the United States.
I am the exclusive manager for môme ASSANO,and I would like to introduce the world to this exciting and visionary artist.


MiciAnn Green

ART SAN DIEGO 2023ーーーExhibition commemorative sale

Homo Ornamentus series

Homo Ornamentus

môme ASANO is pleased to present his collage series, “Homo Ornamentus”; the realization of his vision for humans “adorned” or “decorated”.

Inspired by ornamental patterns from various regions around the world, môme has created a series of unique and imaginative characters, employing a range of mediums such as acrylics and ink.

Each figure reflects the desire that humans have to seek the things that bring them happiness, and to adorn themselves in a celebration of life.

Womens series

Additional Works